The Synergy3 Series

The perfect blend of compact size, contemporary styling, and exceptional sound quality

Most people like the idea of tiny speaker systems as they are visually discrete and easily fit in with contemporary life styles and décor. The problem is, small speaker systems lack the ability to deliver the rich, full bodied sound of larger floor standing speakers. If you wanted small speakers you had to compromise on sound quality.

Colin Whatmough doesn’t believe in compromise. However, he understood the desire for smaller speaker systems. After much research and development, Colin has developed a ‘compact’ speaker system capable of delivering the performance of quality floor standing speakers! The sound quality is exceptional – even the audiophiles are surprised at the breakthrough performance Colin has achieved with his new Synergy 3 speaker system.


A closer look at the Synergy 3 reveals exquisite ring radiator tweeters and cellulose fibre coned bass/mid drivers. The subwoofer has an incredible 36mm linear throw allowing it to produce exceptional quality bass. The state-of-the-art crossover network is a masterpiece of design. Every where you look, the meticulous attention to detail and ‘no compromise’ approach that is the hallmark of Colin Whatmough is clearly evident.

If you’re a visual person, you’ll love the discrete size of the Synergy 3 along with its elegant and contemporary styling. You also have the choice of three sophisticated colours: Graphite or Ivory.

So if you want a compact and contemporary speaker system that delivers exceptional sound quality, you’re going to love your new Synergy 3 speakers by Colin Whatmough.


Synergy3 Front, Centre and Rear Speakers plus Subwoofer