Power combined with Finesse.

The Whatmough range of subwoofers all deliver crisp, deep bass to add a whole new exciting dimension to your music and movie soundtracks.

Impulse2 Subwoofer

Clean and tight bass

The Whatmough Impulse2 has been designed to integrate with Whatmough’s Performance Series speakers, but is also ideal as a stand-alone subwoofer for use with any high quality speaker system.

Its bandpass design means it has much lower distortion levels than conventional sealed, ported or passive radiator designs. As a result the bass sounds cleaner and tighter and, unlike many subwoofers, the Impulse2 does not degrade the important upper bass and mid-range.

The Impulse2 uses a 250mm extremely long throw driver which has a huge 75mm voice coil for high power handling and a massive magnet structure. This driver alone weighs over 10kg. Because it has such a long throw, this driver is capable of higher output than most 305mm drivers, yet its smaller size allows it to be noticeably faster and tighter.

The Impulse2 is powered by a 240 watt class A/B amplifier is only 3db down at 25Hz and has usable bass to below 20Hz.

The Impulse2 subwoofer design acoustically rolls off at 24dB per octave above its cut off frequency of 100Hz. Total harmonic distortion is also reduced to the same extent when compared to a conventional direct radiator subwoofer whether it is sealed or vented.

This means that the Impulse2 produces much lower amounts of harmonic distortion and therefore less degradation in the upper bass and midrange frequencies than conventional subwoofers. Not only will the bass sound cleaner and tighter, the upper bass and midrange will not be adversely influenced by this subwoofer. This is particularly important in a subwoofer designed to reproduce music and not just movie sound tracks.

The Impulse2 subwoofer is even cleaner and tighter than the original Impulse.

If you’re serious about performance, love your music and movies, and loath compromise, this subwoofer was made for you.

It is available in two finishes – High Gloss Graphite (Metallic Charcoal) and Bubinga (African Rosewood).


Synergy3 Subwoofer

The Synergy3 Subwoofer features an incredible 36mm linear throw allowing it to produce exceptional quality bass.

Available in High Gloss Metallic Graphite.


Tornado2 Subwoofer

The Tornado2 delivers impressive tight bass giving it exceptional musical abilities along with incredible dynamics essential for thrilling cinema sound experiences.

This is a true subwoofer, capable of producing deep and tight bass with absolute authority, and offering a level of musicality rarely found in a subwoofer at this price point.

As with all Whatmough Subwoofers, the Tornado is equally at home reproducing music or home cinema.

Available in black