The Signature Series

A Truly Moving Experience of Pure Emotion.

As the name implies, the Signature Series represents Colin's personalised speakers. Designed purely for the audiophile, each Signature speaker is individually tuned to ensure you enjoy the finest experiences imaginable. Such attention to detail is rare in today's world, but if you're as passionate about music, you'll love the Signature Series.

Available in a choice of exquisite Real Timber Veneer or Piano Finishes.



The Progeny is the latest expression of Whatmough’s uncompromising approach to the pursuit of sonic excellence. The Progeny was the result of an intense research and development project to create a speaker that shared the same DNA as our flagship, Paragon, but packaged it into a more compact form to cater to a wider variety of listening rooms.

As with our flagship Paragon, a ‘zero compromise’ approach was taken with regards to everything from component selection through to the manufacturing process itself.  The Progeny was designed and built from the ground up to please the most dedicated music aficionados. The Progeny in detail with Specifications



An exquisite blend of passion and technology by a purist who shares your passion for music.

From the very beginning, the Whatmough Paragon was conceived and developed to be one of the world’s best audiophile speakers, surpassing the expectations of the most dedicated music lover.  As such, the Paragon has been developed with a ‘zero compromise’ approach and without regard to cost.

As the ultimate speaker in the Whatmough range, the Paragon has been a very personal project for Colin Whatmough. Three years of intense research and development by Colin himself has resulted in a speaker that delivers truly exceptional performance creating enormous enthusiasm amongst purists.

Paragon in detail   Paragon Review   Paragon Specifications


Signature 505

The Signature 505 conveys tremendous authority and bass control with an open, transparent effortlessness in the mid-range and treble. The accurate expression of music in this speaker will thrill you more than you ever imagined.

Built for a lifetime of pleasure, this is a speaker for the Music Lover who not just enjoys the subtle nuances, the natural timbre of voices and strings but also craves the weight and impact of an orchestra in full flight.

The Signature 505 is equally at home - playing Jazz, Classical or Rock. The individually isolated Crossover Module eliminates any acoustic and magnetic influences caused by crossover components within the cabinet.

Proudly handcrafted in Australia, the Signature 505 continues the Whatmough tradition of being uncompromisingly singular in the pursuit of sonic excellence!

The Signature 505 in detail          505 Specifications


Signature S33i

The Signature S33i are based on the Performance Series P33i, with significant improvements to bring them up to Signature Series status. In common with the Performance P33i, the Signature S33i are hand built using curved panels. This cabinet design offers more than just great looks – they also offer improved sound quality. By eliminating internal parallel surfaces, the curved surfaces offer clearer and cleaner sound by minimizing internal standing waves. Even more significantly, the curved panels are inherently more rigid and less resonant than the flat panels of a conventional speaker cabinet, which further helps to minimize coloration.

The Signature S33i differs from the Performance P33i with improved tweeters, crossover networks, internal wiring, internal lining and binding posts.

The Signature S33i in detail     Signature S33i Specifications


Signature 15

Briefed to stop at nothing in the pursuit for an uncompromised, medium size, stand mounted loudspeaker, we arrived at a configuration of cabinet, drivers, crossovers and connections that has proven to be a winning combination.

The Signature S15 in detail with Specifications