Signature 505 in Detail

Stunning Cabinets

The Paragon cabinets are finished in a deep charcoal with real wood veneer side panels. The standard finish for the Signature 505 is Santos Palisander (Brazilian Rosewood) or Bubinga (African Rosewood), although these can be made to order with alternative finishes if required.

The Signature 505 cabinets are extremely rigid and inert. They use extensive internal bracing and 25mm thick cabinet walls which are then lead lined to minimise cabinet resonances. The inert cabinets allow the Signature 505 to sound incredibly clean, open and dynamic.


Signature 505 Tweeter

The tweeter is very special. This is a ring radiator design, which is extremely quick while still being smooth and refined. Its frequency response goes out to beyond 40,000Hz.

The Signature 505 tweeters are a special 'ring radiator' design which is extremely quick and refined.


Signature 505 Mid-Range

Mid-range is catered for by twin 100mm poly-glass drivers. These drivers have extremely low cone mass (4 grams) allowing incredible transient response. They cover the range from 400Hz to 3,400Hz. Mid-range is catered for by twin 100mm poly-glass drivers that have an extremely low cone mass allowing incredible transient response.


The Signature 505 Bass Drivers

Twin 175mm Kevlar bass drivers cover the range 400Hz. The Kevlar cones are extremely rigid for tight control bass response. All drivers used in the Signature 505 represent state of the art technology to help produce the best available performance. These drivers are extremely expensive but we know of no other drivers better suited to this task.


Masterful Crossover Networks

The use of the highest quality components extends beyond the drivers. All crossover inductors are air cored and made from the highest purity Australian copper. All capacitors used in the signal path of the Signature 505's crossover networks are the high end audiophile grade film and foil capacitors.

The hand built crossover networks are hard wired point to point rather than being mounted on conventional circuit boards. As the Signature 505 are internally wired with the highest quality Cardas Litz cable, it seems pointless to then direct the signal along the tracks of a circuit board.

The crossover networks are housed in their own isolating enclosure built into the back of the Signature 505. This isolates the crossover components from any internal resonances as well as keeping them well away from any interference caused by the ferrous components of the drivers.


Cardas Binding Posts - the attention to detail is flawless

Even the binding posts are very expensive and state of the art. These are made of copper by Cardas (USA), plated with silver then plated with rhodium. We have tested most available binding posts over the years and found these to be sonically more neutral than any others we have tested.

As such, these binding posts have virtually no influence on the sound. By comparison, the usual gold plated brass binding posts tend to make the sound lean and harsh.

The binding posts featured on the Signature 505 are from Cardas (USA) and are made of copper which is silver then rhodium plated.



The Signature 505 use huge hardened spikes to support their weight and couple them directly to the floor. These spikes pass through massive steel girders, which are bolted into the plinths of the Paragons.

The spikes are located on the outside of the speaker cabinets to give a larger more stable footprint. As such, they are very easy to adjust and set up. The top section also has adjustable spikes so that this can be angled up or down to allow for high or low sitting positions.