Whatmough TORNADO2 Active Subwoofer Review

Review in Audio and Video Lifestyle Magazine -

Gavin Womersley

Making a good affordable subwoofer for domestic use is a balancing act. If you make it really big (which is a greta aid to performance), many will overlook the model, seeking something that integrates better with their decor.

Make it very small and it may be easy to slip into a room but performance will be curtailed. Do you go with a ported design and benefit from the higher output at certain frequencies but less below the resonance point of the sub, and have to deal with the port noise?

Or is it better to go for a scaled design with it's promise of a smoother roll off and potentially cleaner, tighter bass but less output overall?

A manufacturer has to committ to a design to do their best to lesson the weaknesses and and make the most of the strengths.

It is not an easy thing to do.

Manufacturers know form the outset which part of the market they want to target - and design their product accordingly.

With subwoofers that market is dominated by purely theatre oriented products - with a smaller market for subwoofers that are oriented toward high quality music performance as much as they are home theatre.

This is the 'pidgeon hole' in which I am placing the Whatmough Tornado2.

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Whatmough TORNADO2 Active Subwoofer Review