Whatmough SIGNATURE 15-SE Review

Review in Best Buys - 2013

Whatmough Signature P15-SE exerts on the air in the room is impressive,
and the speed of the driver is incredible. The result
is incredibly dynamic sound, from the deepest
bass right through to the highest midrange,
just before the driver hands over to the tweeter.
Listen to even the most heavily-layered orchestral
works and the strength and solidity of the bass
foundation is presented completely unfettered,
with a sense of pace and ease that belies the size of
the driver… and the size of the cabinet. No doubt
the bass reflex port is doing its stuff, but some of
this must also be due to the freedom permitted
by the exposed voice coil design of the bass/
midrange driver, because air cannot be ‘trapped’
under the dustcap. Listen to plucked double bass,
or an electric bass guitar and you’ll hear what we
mean straight away. The immediacy of the bass is
magnificent. Just listen to bassist James Jamerson’s
incredible bass line on Marvin Gaye’s What’s Goin’
On for proof positive.

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Whatmough SIGNATURE 15-SE Review