Whatmough IMPULSE2 Active Subwoofer Review

Review in Sound & Image -

Whatmough has a well-deserved reputation for creating fine sounding loudspeakers, including some truly high-end models.  And its subwoofers have long been in line with that quality.  

The second generation of the subwoofers are becoming available, with even higher performance. The Impulse2's driver can pump a huge amount of air, thanks to its 36mm of cone excursion.  It has a 75mm voice coil to allow it to develop considerable force, and dissipate large amounts of heat.

The output levels the Impulse2 could produce were immense.  We were using a high-end sensitive loudspeakers, and the subwoofer kept up effortlessly.  When the pedal of the organ kicked in on the theme to the Blu-ray of Phantom of the Opera, it just sent thrills up our spines, not shaking the room so much as causing the air to pulsate in that manner typical of large pipe organs........

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Whatmough IMPULSE2 Active Subwoofer Review