Review in Australian Best Buys - 2014

When Australian Hi-Fi magazine reviewed Whatmough’s flagship Paragon loudspeakers ’way back in 2005, it posited that they were Australia’s best home-grown loudspeakers, and we here at Best Buys agreed. But their price ($50,000) has been a hurdle for potential buyers, along with their size and weight.

Not many music lovers are prepared to have a pair of 1.57-metre- tall, 250kg behemoths in their room... no matter how good they might sound! This is where the very-aptly named Progeny comes in.

As its name infers, the Whatmough Progeny is a direct lineal descendant of the flagship Paragon that, according to Kee Whatmough, “was the result of an intense research and development project to create a speaker that shared the same DNA as the flagship Paragon, but packaged it into a more compact form to cater to a wider variety of listening rooms.”

But the Progeny is more than just ‘“more compact” — it’s also considerably more economical, and sounds very nearly as good..

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