About Whatmough Loudspeakers - The Company


A love of music but the inability to afford his “dream” loudspeakers was the motivation for Colin Whatmough to start designing speakers that would at least equal the established high-end speakers of the time.

Colin was among the first to employ Computer Aided Design as part of his Research & Development of speakers, however, it would be several years before Colin was satisfied with the performance of his speakers in comparison to those references. His continuing dedication and no compromise approach has resulted in many successful and innovative designs over the years, along with numerous awards.

In 1976, Whatmough Monitors was founded and that first year heralded the launch of Australia’s first no-compromise loudspeaker, the legendary Whatmough Monitors Mk.II (a huge Transmission Line/Open Baffle hybrid). The Mk.II was the first speaker to incorporate lead lining in it’s construction which conferred significant dampening benefits. This 130kg speaker quickly became the benchmark for Australian audiophiles.

Other models have since followed in their illustrious footsteps. They all embody Whatmough Monitors philosophy of superlative performance, affordability and no-compromise quality. Another famous model, the Mk.V is probably the longest running production high-end loudspeaker in Australia - spanning more than a decade of sales!

In 1990, Whatmough Monitors started participating in various International Hi-Fi Shows and have since won considerable recognition overseas. With the increased demand of overseas trade, the Whatmough company saw the necessity of in-house manufacturing. This has enabled Whatmough Monitors to achieve full quality and production control, with the versatility tailor different finishes for export market preferences.

Colin Whatmough takes great pride in his product quality, both in finish and sonic performance. This commitment to excellence has made the Whatmough name synonymous with Quality within the audio industry.

There are many qualities required in a quality loudspeaker. Besides construction and component selection, the sound quality is what ultimately determines a speaker’s suitability to play back music accurately. The ability of a loudspeaker to recreate the excitement and illusion of the musical performance in the home is what separates good from mediocre components.

Qualities such as extended frequency range, a wide spacious soundstage, transient response, coherent and seamless integration as well as rhythm and timing are all essential to the criteria for a high fidelity loudspeaker.

Designer/Founder of Whatmough Monitors, Colin Whatmough, firmly believes that tonal accuracy is the most vital quality of a loudspeaker. Regardless of its other qualities, if a speaker is not tonally accurate, it is still inherently flawed in its design.