The Performance Series

Live Life to the Fullest with Whatmough's latest Performance Series.

The new Performance Series delivers exceedingly high standards in all aspects of music and surround sound. This exciting range is an absolute pleasure to listen to, the clarity and depth is extraordinary and it's an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates the best in life.

This exciting and very impressive range consists of mains, centre, bookshelfs, rears and a choice of 2 spectacular subwoofers. Available in a choice of two stunning finishes; High Gloss Metallic Graphite and the unique Bubinga.

PERFORMANCE RANGE • P33i • P28-SE • P25i • P15-SE • P12i • P8i • P2i • PFX3i
Impact2 Subwoofer • Impulse2 Subwoofer


Whatmough performance P33

Performance P33i

The Performance P33i floor standing speakers are the ultimate speaker in the Whatmough Performance series. They are designed and built to audiophile standards and deliver truly spectacular sound.

Whether articulate music reproduction or awe inspiring home cinema is your passion, the Performance P33i delivers on both accords

The Performance P33i features a striking timber cabinet. These beautifully engineered cabinets are a bass reflex front ported configuration featuring 25mm thick solid MDF timber walls.

Bubinga Photo  Graphite Photo  Specifications
Whatmough performance P28-SE

Performance P28

The Performance P28 are a dynamic floor standing loudspeaker capable of delivering spectacular sound for a variety of applications. With a perfect balance of power and refinement, these speakers are a great choice for both Home Cinema and Stereo applications.

The Performance P28 features a striking timber cabinet. These beautifully engineered cabinets are a bass reflex front ported configuration and feature 25mm thick solid MDF timber walls. Two stunning finishes are available, real timber (Bubinga) veneer or a gloss metallic graphite paint.

The Performance P28 in Detail and Specifications
Whatmough performance P25i

Performance P25i

The P25i floor standing speakers are ideal for use in a stereo system. They can also be used as the main speakers in an AV system. Standing just over a metre tall and very slim, the P25i uses two 140mm bass/mid drivers with a ring radiator tweeter in between. The P25i has a sand damped cabinet which minimizes cabinet resonance as well as adding stability to the speakers.

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Whatmough performance P15-SE

Performance P15-SE

Articulate and well controlled bass and dynamics, incredible transparency and a sensitivity of 89dB make these beautifully built, medium size, stand mounted loudspeakers unbeatable value.

The Performance P15-SE in Detail and Specifications
Whatmough performance P12

Performance P12i

The P12i has been designed as main or rear speakers and match perfectly with the P2i centre channel speaker. These speakers use the same driver compliment as the P25i in a sealed enclosure while the P25i is vented.

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Whatmough performance P8

Performance P8i

The P8i centre channel uses identical drivers to the P33i and offers virtually identical performance as the centre channel for an AV system. As this is a three way system, the tweeter was able to be mounted directly above the midrange which eliminates the response anomalies when listening off axis which are common to horizontal speakers. It is designed to be used with Plasma or LCD screens as well as projectors.

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Whatmough performance P8

Performance P2i

The P2i is virtually identical to the P12i, but as a centre channel is designed for horizontal orientation. The tweeter is offset to aid its performance whilst being horizontal..

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Whatmough performance PFX3

Performance PFX3i

The PFX3i has been designed as a rear effects speaker and can be used with either the P-AV1, P-AV2 or P25i based systems instead of the P12i where space is at a premium. It is similar in size to the outgoing PFX but offers better performance with more modern looks.

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Whatmough performance PFX3

Impulse2 Subwoofer

While the original Impulse was a highly regarded award winning subwoofer, the Impulse 2 is even better again.

Having undergone a complete facelift, the Impulse 2 is not only cleaner and lighter than it's predecessor, but port noise is significantly reduced thanks to an improved port design.

The Impulse 2 is completely at home playing everything from your favourite classical CD to the latest blockbuster action movie in 7.1 surround sound.

Whilst most subwoofers use an electronic crossover for high frequency filtering, the Impulse 2 accoustically filters frequencies above 100Hz at an incredible rate of 24dB per octave, ensuring only incredibly clean and tight base is delivered.

Read more about this stunning subwoofer in this subwoofer section  Specifications  

Whatmough performance P-AV1

The P-AV1 system consists of 4, 5 or 6 P12i's, a P2i centre channel and an Impulse or Impact subwoofer. This system was inspired by our very successful Synergy2 system and is the obvious next step up from that system. Like the Synergy2 system, all the speakers are designed to be used above 80Hz; the subwoofer providing bass below this frequency.

The P12i is a sealed system and therefore very clean and dynamic. However, this means it also has less bass extension than a vented enclosure such as the P25i, but this is of no consequence as the low bass is provided by the subwoofer. The P2i and P12i are virtually identical to each other except that the P2i, being a centre channel speaker, is designed to sit horizontally and has its tweeter offset to optimise its performance as it is used horizontally.

As the P12 speakers use a sealed enclosure, they have sonic advantages over the P25 in an AV system. The bass management built into all AV amplifiers is used to direct all bass below 80Hz to the subwoofer and all frequencies above 80Hz to the P12i's and P2i. In a stereo system not using a subwoofer, the P25i's would be the obvious choice because of their extended bass response of almost one octave.

Although the Impulse subwoofer was designed to partner the P-AV1 system, adding tight, controlled bass, the Impact subwoofer offers even better performance in virtually every respect. Available in Bubinga or Graphite finish.

Whatmough performance P-AV2

The New P-AV2 system contains a floor standing model, a centre channel speaker the choice of two rear effects speakers and a subwoofer. The P33i is a very stylish four driver, three-way floor standing speaker. The P8i is a centre channel speaker which uses the same drivers as the P33i in a vertical/horizontal layout. The Impact subwoofer is the top of the Whatmough range of subwoofers offering clean fast bass which blends seamlessly with the other speakers of the Performance Range. The P12i is the ideal rear affects speaker, but if space is limited, the PFX3i can be used.

The P33i and P8i use two 170mm fiberglass/nomex hybrid drivers especially developed for these speakers, a 100mm cellulous fibre coned mid-range driver and a ring radiator tweeter. Since the P8i uses identical drivers to the P33i, it is not shielded and so is unsuitable for use with CRT (picture tube) TVs. If this system is to be used with a tube TV, the Opus2 centre channel should be used instead of the P8i.

The Performance Series Impact subwoofer is something special. This system uses no EQ, as the extended response of this subwoofer is the result of very clever cabinet design. Virtually all other subwoofers on the market rely on equalisation (EQ) which is effectively a bass tone control turned up full or more. By not having to resort to EQ, the Impact’s bass is cleaner, tighter and has much lower levels of distortion.

The P-AV2 system matched with an Impact subwoofer is Whatmough’s top home cinema system, capable of stunning dynamics and realism. Available in Bubinga or Graphite finish.