The Magnum3 Series

How Can Speakers this Good be so Affordable?

The Magnum3 Series delivers impressive sound quality and is an excellent choice for those seeking a quality musical or surround experience that also offers exceptional value for money.

Many people don’t realise what an incredible difference a quality set of speakers can make to their favourite music and movies. The critical role speakers play in achieving an exciting sound experience is often underestimated, which is why there are so many cheaper options readily available. As you would expect, such speakers typically offer an experience that is boomy and harsh.

For those who are seeking a more satisfying experience, there is the Whatmough Magnum3 series. Once you have heard the Whatmough Magnum3 range, you quickly realise what you’ve been missing. You don’t have to be a music guru to appreciate the smoothness, detail and tight bass that the Magnum2 speakers deliver.

Whether it’s a live rock concert, a delicate classical piece, or a dramatic movie scene, the Magnum3 series delivers the full experience in spectacular detail and clarity.

The Magnum3 surround system consists of a pair of M3F floor standing speakers, a M3C centre channel (dialogue) speaker, a pair of M3R rear effects speakers and a Tornado2 subwoofer.

The front speakers of the Magnum2 system had a 10” side firing woofer. While this system won the Sound and Image Award for the best home theatre system in its category, Colin Whatmough still thought the system could be improved. The sound of the Magnum2 front speakers was room dependant which is typical for speakers with side firing woofers. The 10” side firing woofer was replaced with two 6.5” front firing woofers.

Many of the design principals found in his speakers costing two to five times more, have been applied to the Magnum3 range. The results are impressive and clearly evident in each of the Magnum3 models.

So what’s the secret that makes the Whatmough Magnum3 speakers so special?

Many of the design principals found in the Whatmough's speakers costing two to five times more, have been applied to the Magnum3 range. The results are impressive and clearly evident in each of the Magnum3 models.  The Magnum3 range can be yours to enjoy everyday without paying a small fortune.


Quality speaker drivers are essential....

As you would expect, the Magnum3 range features drivers that are of impressive quality. All speakers in the magnum3 range use the same bass/midrange driver and the same tweeter. This ensures that the voicing of all these speakers is the same so that the quality of the sound doesn’t change as the sound in a movie pans from one speaker to another.

The Magnum3 drivers have been selected for their ability to deliver detailed, rich, full sound for an experience you’ll appreciate time and time again.

The bass and midrange drivers featured in the Magnum3 range have natural sounding cellulose fibre cones. They use a solid aluminium phase plug to give the speaker a smooth response with excellent focus. The rubber surround (suspension) is designed to last a lifetime. The tweeters are a 35mm dual concentric design with a wave guide centre plug. This tweeter offers a smooth extended response that few dome tweeters can approach.

If you want to enjoy music and movies in a truly exciting way, then you’re going to love your new Magnum3 speakers by Whatmough. The Magnum3 are available in black finish.

A Cross-Over Network designed to maximise sonic performance.

Another critical component that many people are unaware of is the cross-over networks. The purpose of the cross-over network is to send lower frequencies to the bass speaker and higher frequencies to the tweeter.

Providing a smooth transition between speaker drivers is both critical and quite an art, and is an area that Whatmough is renowned for. The expertise and attention to detail that goes into all Whatmough cross-over networks plays a significant role in delivering superior sound quality, allowing you to enjoy cleaner and more accurate music and movies.

Beautiful Cabinet Finishes are only just the beginning.

Our cabinets also play an important role in the quality of sound you will experience. Solid MDF with extensive internal bracing for rigidity, internal acoustic damping, and carefully designed proportions all contribute to a cleaner, tighter sound with minimal distortion. While many other manufacturers may treat the cabinet as just a ‘box’, we understand the important contribution a quality cabinet makes to the sound you will enjoy.

The floor standing M3F main speaker is a three way design using 2 6.5” woofers, a 5¼” midrange driver and a dual concentric tweeter. The M3Fs have a very tight controlled bass and smooth detailed yet relaxed midrange. The smooth detailed treble is common to all the speakers in the Magnum3 range. These speakers are also sold separately and ideal speakers for use in a stereo system. Specifications

While the M210 speakers were designed as rear speakers in a 5.1 or 7.1 home cinema system, they are also suitable as quality stereo speakers in small rooms where space is at a premium. Specifications


The M205 centre channel speakers have a smooth refined yet very detailed sound. The high tweeter placement allows these qualities to be heard over very wide listening area. This centre channel ensures that movie dialogue is always clear and intelligible. Specifications

The matching Tornado2 subwoofer is diminutive in size yet packs a real punch. Despite its small size, it still weighs 22kg, has a very long throw 10” driver and a built in 240 watt class A/B amplifier. This subwoofer is very clean and tight and can outperform many larger, more expensive models.