The AV8 Speaker System

Slim-line AV Speaker System that delivers quality sound at an extremely affordable price!

The Whatmough Monitors AV8 system has been designed for those wanting a quality 5.1 surround speaker system of compact size and price. The AV8 system was designed to be slim and unobtrusive while still having excellent sound quality. It is ideal for people who want good sound quality at a very reasonable price to go with their new plasma or LCD TV. The AV8 system will sound much better than miniature sub/satellite systems or speakers built into a TV set. Review of the AV8 Speaker System

Whatmough AV8 Speaker System

The AV8 system is designed to take advantage of the bass management built into AV receivers. Main speakers cover the range from 80Hz or 100Hz upwards, while the subwoofer reproduces all frequencies below this. The Whatmough AV8 speakers are large enough to extend to 80Hz while being small enough to be attractive and not occupy too much precious room.

The subwoofer uses a 50 watt amplifier and produces usable bass to below 30Hz. The bass of the AV8 speakers extends down to 80Hz or 100Hz depending on the receiver’s setting. The subwoofer takes over below this frequency.

The system has a frequency response of 33Hz to 20,000Hz +/- 3db. An AV receiver must be used with the speaker settings set to small, all bass below 80Hz (or 100Hz) is then directed to the subwoofer. This leaves the surround speakers to cover the frequency range above 80Hz (or 100Hz) for which they have been designed.