New Addition to Our Signature Series - The Progeny

Finally it's here! The long awaited, newest addition to our Signature Series Loudspeakers - The Progeny.

Sharing the same DNA of our incredible Paragon, but in a much smaller cabinet, Progeny is full bodied and rich in sonic performance. Completely hand crafted in Melbourne, The color can be customized.  Available in Piano finish or timber finish.

Progeny Loudspeakers

Read the Australian Best Buys Review 2014

It’s a simple choice, really. If you’re in the market for a pair of state-of-the-art loudspeakers, forget the overpriced imports ...

If you have space for a pair of Whatmough’s Paragons in your room, buy them. Otherwise, the Progenies should be your first choice. They sound amazing. Once again — wow! Download the Review


Why Buy Whatmough Loudspeakers?

In 1976, Whatmough was founded and that first year heralded the launch of Australia's first no-compromise loudspeaker, the legendary Whatmough Monitors Mk.II (a huge Transmission Line/Open Baffle hybrid).

"Whatever your budget or speaker requirements, you will find each and every Whatmough speaker delivers outstanding performance and exceptional value for money across the entire range, a fact backed by the many editorial reviews."

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